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My Story Writer
This writing software delivers a new level of technology and organization to empower your writing - from the start with that first nugget of an idea to the day your work is published

MSSQL-to-Access is a program to convert Microsoft SQL databases into Microsoft Access format

MSSQL to Excel
A program to publish Microsoft SQL databases as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets

A program to migrate Microsoft SQL databases to MySQL server

Viobo MSSQL to MySQL Converter
The tool converts oracle, sybase, mssql, mysql, db2, etc databases, for data backup, transfer, database optimization

OraDump Export Kit
Converter tools to export Oracle dump file into MS Access, MS Excel, MS SQL, MySQL, CSV

MySQL Migration Toolkit
Collection of utilities to convert any data source to MySQL and vice versa: acc2sql, mss2sql, ora2sql, sql2acc, sql2mss, sql2xls, xls2sql

The software automates converting Oracle database into MS SQL format, performing conversion of all datatypes and attributes

Oracle databases into MS Excel format conversion utility. Easy, Fast, Accurate. Support command line

Oracle databases to MySQL server conversion program, all Oracle data types and attributes are supported

The software automates migrating MS Access databases to Oracle server, performing conversion of all data-types and attributes

Migrate MS Access databases to MySQL server, all data types and attributes are converted, Easy, Fast, Accurate

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