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Stayfocused Pro

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Platforms Windows 8 | 7 | Vista | XP
Price $39.99 for 1-User
Author Bytesignals
Date added Oct 30, 2014
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New Breakthrough Solution Helps to Get Things Done on Time!

For many people, time is the enemy, we race against time to complete important tasks and meet deadlines.

So Stayfocused is you right choice, A simple but secure task time-tracking app keeps track of the time that you've spent on each of tasks and helps you complete each of them on-time. The idea of Stayfocused is based on The Pomodoro Technique. The root of the idea is that you work for 25 minutes straight and then break for 5 minutes.

What can Stayfocused Pro do?

-- Manage Task: Create / Edit / Delete / Starred your task.
-- Redo Task: Redo task needed on any-time you want.
-- Break Reminder: Show Message for having a break after did work for 25 minutes.
-- Launch Applications: Choose any applications needed to complete your task.
-- Open Sites: Open any websites needed to complete your current task.
-- Open Docs: Open any pertinent documents in their default applications.
-- Hide Windows: Hide the windows that are unnecessary to your tasks.
-- Hide Icons: Hide desktop icons to help you increase productivity.
-- Set Wallpaper: Set a nice wallpaper to help you eliminate distractions.
-- View Report: View the report that shows how you have spent your time.
-- Set Timer: Set timer for x minutes you need to complete your task.
-- Play Sounds: Add a sound alert to remind you that time is up.
-- More

Who does Stayfocused work for?

Motivate yourself to write.
Keep track of how long you're spending brainstorming / writing / revising.
Reduce back and neck pain by walking around during Pomodoro breaks.

Kill multi-tasking urges in the office.
Get reports finished on time.

Immerse yourself in programming, confining emailing to one or two Pomodoros a day.
Break large, demanding tasks into shorter easy-to-handle steps.
Separate time they spend developing and refactoring.
Reduce amount of bad code.

Write papers.
Track assignments.

If you’re ready to invest in Stayfocused Pro follow this link to purchase

Also available Stayfocused Pro for 3 User ($59.99) click here

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