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Ophelias Bingo World

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Platforms Microsoft Windows
Price $8.75 USD
Date added July 30, 2012
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If you’re looking for a 21st Century bingo game you ha’ve finally found it. Every facet of this bingo game was modernized so that you could play bingo like you’ have never played it before.

Free download bingo game for pc. Try 30-day free!

The first thing I want to talk to you about is our 3 pattern types. The first is the standard 5 x 5 pattern. This is traditional bingo at its best. Our next pattern is our 5 x 5 x 4 pattern. These patterns are so large it takes 4 normal bingo cards to play them. Last, is our Super (300 ball) 10 x 10 pattern for those bingo players with lots of endurance.

If you want to spice things up a little you can add a few unique options to the game. The first is spoiler chips. You believe you’re only one number away from wining? Better hope the number you need isn't the spoiler. If it is, you can kiss your win good bye. It can also help you out if your opponent is on the receiving end.

The next unique option is memorization. If you think you have a good memory then add this option to your game. When you press the “Start Calling” button the numbers on your card disappear, forcing you to remember the location of “G-56” and if you don’t click it when it’s called… to bad.

Double Action Cards, also known as Fast Action Cards allow you two numbers per cell. This means that on a normal 5 x 5 card you could have up to 48 different numbers. This allows the game to proceed faster than normal when you don’t have much time to spare or you are playing one of our 300 Ball super patterns.

If you’re still looking for more then look no further than our 6 different play styles, also known as events. Our first event is standard, same old same old classic bingo. If you wish to play with a little more flavor you can try Bingo Boxing. If you like double scoop Ice Cream then maybe you can try our Bingo Racing or even Speed? You can also give Elimination and Tournament bingo a try.

Bingo Boxing is played until one person wins “X” amount of rounds. You specify the number rounds a player must win in order to win the event. Race Bingo is an “X” round tournament in which the person who comes in first each round gets a certain amount of points. The person who comes in second only gets half of the person coming in first and so on. When the “X” rounds are over, the points are totaled and the person with the most points wins the event.

Speed is similar to Bingo Boxing. However, instead of winning rounds you complete patterns. If you complete pattern 1, you go on to pattern 2 leaving your opponents on pattern 1.

Elimination bingo is a tournament game in which the last “X” people are eliminated from the tournament each round. When the last “X” number of people competes, the first person who wins the pattern wins the event..

Tournament bingo is a traditional style tournament game. Ophelia’s Bingo World supports Normal, and Double elimination tournaments.

In addition to all these great games Ophelia’s Bingo World will track your progress with our statistics reporter.

Other Features Include…

+ Automated Caller

+ Statistics Tracking (Wins, Money* etc)

+ Breakdown of Statistical data by an Era you choose from our options screen.

+ Swapping of 4Card and Super patterns. This allows you to play one as the other. We call it forcing.

+ You are not forced to use the mouse to play the game. There are some circumstances where the mouse becomes necessary.

+ TCP/IP LAN Support

The choice is clear. If you want a 21st century bingo game look no further than OBW. Free download bingo game for pc and you have 30 days to acquaint yourself with the game’s feature’s which is twice as long as you’ll need to see that OBW is the best bingo game ever created.

Ophelia’s Bingo World, the best in bingo entertainment!

*Any reference to money is not discussing legal tender.

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