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The Portfolio Optimization template for Excel calculates the optimal asset allocation weightings for a basket of investments that gives the highest return for the least risk. The portfolio optimization can optimize any asset data as prices or returns. Data such as ETF prices can be downloaded or data can also be entered/imported from other external sources.

Gives the Highest Return for the Least Risk!
  • Ease and flexibility of input
  • Calculates optimal portfolio size
  • Intuitive graphical result display
  • Ability to modify the correlation matrix
  • Non-complicated, cost effective tool

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Unique Template Design

The unique design of the template enables it to be applied to either financial instrument or business portfolios. The ability to apply the optimal portfolio size analysis to a portfolio of businesses represents an excellent framework for driving capital allocation, investment, and divestment decisions.

The greatest asset of this program is that you can use it in conjunction with the Data Downloader to be able to accurately pick up the prices and optimize the portfolio.
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Windows: Excel 97-2013
Mac OS X: Excel 2004 or 2011


It has the ability to allow you to input as many years or periods as necessary to give you a more complete picture of an optimized portfolio.
Allen V
Flexible Excel Template

These Excel based solutions provide the flexibility to be adapted to specific business scenarios and the robustness to return quality and accurate results. Utilizing these Excel templates can not only empower business decision making abilities but also save considerable development time and resources. Existing users such as analysts, managers, executives and business owners have found that these powerful Excel solutions:

  • Can be applied to a wide range of business scenarios
  • Are simple to use yet produce quality, accurate and easy to interpret results
  • Can save considerable consultancy costs
  • Can optimize any asset as prices or returns
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Windows: Excel 97-2010
Mac OS X: Excel 2004 or 2011

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quotes See what our customers are saying
  • This product is a very useful way to introduce optimization into a classroom in an applied rather than a theoretical manner. It takes some experience to make sure the constraints and data are correctly entered. -- Reviewed by Harry on 23-Sep-2010
  • I used this product for modeling a multi-asset class portfolio. The thing that attracted to this particular product over others in the market was its simplicity of use. The free trial certainly helped with putting the model through its paces and I was very impressed. -- Reviewed by Chris D on 11-Aug-2010
  • This is a wonderful, non-complicated, cost effective tool to use if you are looking to optimize your portfolio. The output is clear and easy to understand. I give it a solid A. Would be A+ if it included automatic data download. -- Reviewed by Ken C on 06-Jul-2010
  • I like the graphic representation of the information in addition to the charts. I like having the option of using price or return as an input. Some spreadsheets do not give you the choice. I would like to see more definitions, equations used and methodology. Great tool! -- Reviewed by Morgana on 08-Aug-2010
  • I have tested for a month the portfolio optimizer. Although it might seem complicated at first, it is very easy to use. Just by going through all of the tabs we obtain the desired results and they are easy to understand. The interface is great and does not require to install any program. -- Reviewed by Xelqos on 04-May-2010
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