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Software - that is, the various kinds of programs used to operate personal, or laptop, computers, and other devices - allows us to perform specific tasks, whether it be browsing the Web, preparing documents, editing and manipulating photographs, protecting ourselves from computer viruses, or whatever else. There are any number of well-known software products for performing common tasks, many of which can be bought "off the shelf" in the high street, but there are equally as many that can be downloaded - sometimes free of charge - from the Internet.

Computer Software Downloads

If you own an Apple iPod, you may already be aware of the digital media software, iTunes. The latest version of iTunes, iTunes 8, features a new automatic playlist generator, called "Genius", which allows a playlist - a collection of songs - to be built up around a single track. If you`re looking for a video editing tool, on the other hand, AVS Video Editor allows you to manipulate video clips - resize, crop, adjust colour, contrast, etc. - and to re-encode them into alternate formats.

Developer tools - especially those that are free - are another popular form of software download. VersalSoft Active X Download Control, for example, can be used to provide reliable, fault tolerant downloading from the Internet, recovering to the point of failure if a download is interrupted, so that bandwidth is never wasted.

For serious business use, or even in a home, or education, environment, OpenOffice is a popular, free alternative the Microsoft Office software suite. OpenOffice includes a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation package and database, and is compatible with all the Microsoft Office standard file formats, if interoperability is required.

Less serious downloads include, of course, games, but also desktop software - wall papers, screensavers, etc. - and mobile phone downloads. The Electronic Arts title, "Spore", for example, was the PC game downloaded most often with BitTorrent in 2008, while "The Sims 2" and "Assassins` Creed" were also high on the list. Fire Screensaver, from 3Planesoft, allows you to start a virtual fire on your desktop, complete with crackling and popping, while StarDock DeskScapes supports ".DREAM" format animated wallpaper for users of Windows Vista. For mobile phone users, Google has recently announced that the offline Gmail available to desktop users will also be made available on the Apple iPhone.

One factor which has a bearing on downloading software - free, or otherwise - is the monthly download limit imposed by your landline, or mobile, broadband provider. This varies from provider to provider - Orange mobile broadband, for example, is available with a 1GB, 3GB or 10GB download limit, depending on your individual requirements - so you do need to have a feel for how many software applications you intend to download, and how often.






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